Expo '67



Montréal's Expo literally rises from the depths of the St. Lawrence River to give Canada a dazzling one hundredth birthday party.

Canada's crowning achievement in the year of its centennial was Expo 67. One of the most successful international exhibitions of the 20th century, Expo 67 gave Montréal the opportunity to show itself as a world-class city and proved once and for all that Canada had come of age.


But Canada's international reputation was formed on more than just expositions. Canada also has a history of human rights advocacy and humanitarian generosity.


John Humphrey made human rights a matter of global concern as the author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Lucille Teasdale's extraordinary selflessness and determination to help those in need make her one of Canada's most remarkable women.


These Minutes highlight a few of Canada's contributions to the world.