Maurice "Rocket" Richard



The legendary hockey star, after working 8 hours moving his family from one end of Montréal to the other, scores 8 points (5 goals and 3 assists) toward a 9-1 victory against the Detroit Red Wings. (1944)

Canadians have made an impact on the world of sports, and the athletes' stories also demonstrate personal courage and integrity.


At the 1867 Paris International Exposition, a lighthouse keeper and three fishermen from Saint John, New Brunswick dramatically announced the arrival of the new nation of Canada on the international sporting scene by scoring surprising victories against the best rowers in the world.


"Rocket" Richard's explosive 18-year career made him the most exciting player of his generation and a national hero.


Jackie Roosevelt Robinson, the African American who broke Major League Baseball's colour barrier, had his first big test in the world of "white" sports in 1946. Robinson entered the history of Canadian sports that year, too, as a member of the Montréal Royals, the minor league affiliate with the Brooklyn Dodgers.


Dr. James Naismith, the modest Canadian who invented the game of basketball over 100 years ago, would be amazed by the fast, powerful giants who dominate the game today.


These Minutes honour some of Canada's sporting legends.