Recall the Premier



Premier William Aberhart of Alberta would have lost his job if he did not repeal his legislation for the popular recall of an elected legislator. (1937)

The important milestones in the development of our democratic institutions are anything but dull.


The struggle toward self-government in Canada includes stirring tales of patriots such as Louis-Joseph Papineau and martyrs of the 1837 rebellions. It also includes the important work of moderate reformers who advocated effective elected representation.


The partnership of Louis Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin showed that French and English Canadians could work together to solve their political problems.


In Canada, as in most democracies, the emergence of minority rights has been closely associated with the development of the democratic process. The case of Ezekiel Hart is an eloquent example of the link between Jewish rights and the growth of the democratic process in Lower Canada.


The Woodsworth Initiative honours the work of James Shaver Woodsworth, the "conscience of Canada," who helped create Canada's social-security system.


These Minutes unearth the foundation on which Canada was built.