Rural Teacher



Robert Harris' famous painting is brought to life as a P.E.I. teacher confronts her school board. (1885)

Whether it was the midwives of the early 19th Century, or the young rural teachers who taught in one-room schools in isolated communities across Canada, or the outspoken leaders who led the fight to gain the vote for women; strong women have helped shape our history.


“Never was a country better adapted to produce a great race of women than this Canada of ours, nor a race of women better adapted to make a great country,” stated Emily Murphy, Canada's first female magistrate. Murphy ensured that women won their legal rights in the famous Persons Case.


Most Canadians recognize the name Laura Secord, but do they know the story of her heroic trek that saved the British and Canadian forces during the War of 1812?


In the 1870s women were not allowed to practice medicine. Jennie Trout struggled for inclusion and her success opened the door for the many Canadian women doctors who followed.


These Minutes celebrate some of the women who helped build Canada.