Sitting Bull



After defeating Custer at Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull and 5000 of his band sought refuge in Saskatchewan, but starvation eventually caused them to return to the U.S. (1881)

Centuries ago the Iroquois nations found a way to establish peace and unity among themselves. The Great Peace, dramatized in Peacemaker, can be traced back more than 1,500 years and has lasted to the present day.


The Inuit peoples of the Arctic have hunted and fished the vast Canadian arctic for thousands of years. During their summer hunts Inuit families sometimes built stone piles, often in the shape of humans with outstretched arms. They called these sculptures "inukshuks." On the wild arctic landscape they are often the only sign that humans have passed through, a symbol of the traditional Inuit way of life.


Louis Riel, Métis leader and founder of Manitoba, remains a controversial figure. Even after a century, Riel and his fate excite political debate, particularly in Québec and Manitoba.


These Minutes dramatize the trials and triumphs of Canada's aboriginal peoples.